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Pre-Retirement Planning

Retirement is a universal goal for everyone, but we all have different ideas for what our lifestyle will look like in retirement. The pre-retirement process we embrace is a multi-faceted approach to making the right financial decisions leading up to the “retirement date.”

To determine if you are on track to meeting your retirement goal, we start by completing a retirement analysis. It is vital for you to know the range of retirement spending that can be supported by your investment assets. Reasonable rates of return are assumed based on your individual temperament toward the risks associated with investing. Your financial assets should adhere to our “durable portfolio” strategy which includes: adequate diversification, cash flow from dividends and interest, strategic use of alternative investments and positioning for potential growth in excess of inflation.

The strategies used to collect your Social Security benefits must be optimized to reflect your personal contributions to the system. We will build and test a variety of collection strategies to fully educate you on your options when the time comes to make your claim with the Social Security Administration.

Depending on your “range of retirement spending,” a candid discussion must be had regarding lifestyle changes which may be necessary to meet your needs. Careful consideration will be given to the timing of certain expenses and the duration of various spending categories. Your estate planning documents like your pour over will and living trust may require review by counsel to conform to current law and your wishes.

Finally, contingency plans must be agreed to in advance to account for unforeseen events that may cause us to make adjustment to your plan and its assumptions. The pre-retirement process is a rewarding and empowering experience, giving you the control to make the right financial decisions.