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Financial Windfall

The need for sound financial advice is greatest when you are the recipient of a financial windfall. The windfall may come from: an inheritance, the sale of a business or investment property, the exercise and subsequent sale of your company stock options or even winning the Powerball lottery. In each case, you need to make the right financial decisions with the proceeds.

You can expect us to gather the appropriate financial information so we can understand the income tax considerations to keep you current with your obligations. You can also expect us to have an accurate understanding of how you feel about receiving the windfall. Sudden receipt of larger sums of money can take its toll on you emotionally as you come to grasp with the life changing implications.

Once this information is gathered, we can then apply our skills and tools to formalize the necessary steps you need to take to maximize the full potential of your financial windfall. Our experience tells us the timeline for completion varies with each person and situation. In the end, we want you to know you made the right decisions for the right reasons.